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So I haven't posted in a long ass time and I just wanted to mention where I was on here since I did on Instagram.

I'm actually on vacation right now and have been for the past two weeks or so. I should be back home this weekend and I'll be working on art more again then. Obviously I can't really lug a giant ass tablet with me on vacation. I mean I could if I had the appropriate travel case and stuff, but it would be a big pain in the ass I think. So I've just (very unwisely) been chillin on the beach and getting nice and tan; collecting new freckles.

I've been reading a lot on this trip and because of that I have a lot of ideas on what I wanna work on when I get back. The biggest thing is The Shining. Holy fuck, I reread that because when I first read it I was in 7th grade and don't remember a lick about it. The book is so much better than Kubrick's film and I now understand why Stephen King hates Kubrick's adaptation of the novel. Basically a good maybe 80% of the book did NOT make it into the film and a lot that happens in the film isn't even in the book. Kubrick did a really good job of adapting books like A Clockwork Orange, which was nearly exactly like the book. But with The Shining so much of it was personal artistic liberties.

Anyway, there are a lot of scenes in The Shining that I'm pissed I'll never see on the screen now. I mean A LOT. Unless they remake the film to be more faithful to the book, which I doubt although who knows because Hollywood likes to remake shit. But it just doesn't feel like they would dare have the balls to remake a Kubrick film, even if the goal was to make the remake more faithful to King's book. I know there's a TV movie that's more faithful because King was a part of it, I haven't seen it yet but now I'll have to. SORRY I'M ON A TANGENT NOW.

In short, my plan for when I get back home is to work on some pieces surrounding those scenes in The Shining that weren't in the film. Like illustrating my interpretation of what I read. There's one that involves confetti that I'm especially excited about doing. I don't know how well I can pull it off but I'm gonna try my best and take my time with it.

Other than that, even before vacation, I really wanted to work on doing re-illustrations of some of my favorite tarot cards.

I dunno. Just a short update on where I've been and what I wanna work on next. Thanks for checking in. :)

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